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A deposit is normally taken for orders over £200.00, the balance payable either prior to or upon delivery. Payments can be made via online or over the counter bank transfer or cheque. PayPal can also be used if you prefer to use a credit or debit card, there is a 4% surcharge for this option. Cash is also accepted for face to face transactions.

All prices, be it for a standard design or a commissioned piece are very reasonable and fair, they reflect the uniqueness and originality along with the work involved in creating each piece. Every design is handmade to a very high standard.

Where possible we try to deliver larger items ourselves otherwise items will be sent by courier at cost.  International shipping or air freighting can also be arranged with a number of options available. We use recycled materials where possible and ensure everything is packed to arrive as it left us. Collection in person is also an option.

If you have an idea or specific requirement for something not in our catalogue, please feel free to contact us to discuss it further. We do not charge for this or for proofing concept sketches. Where applicable we will retain intellectual property rights and design rights on designs whether produced or not.

We don't and won't copy anybody else's work. We will pursue any copyright / design rights or intellectual property infringements vigorously and always. If you intend to copy and steal any of our designs make sure we don't find out. If in doubt or you have any queries then please contact us.  If you come across any designs that may look familiar we would be most grateful and appreciative if you could contact us.

If you would like to visit us in order to purchase or view any designs or to discuss something face to face, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time including weekends. We are about 5 miles from the M5 jct 6 turn-off. Please note that not all designs are available for viewing.

Although the term "wrought iron" is usually associated with this type of work including gates and railings etc., the actual material wrought iron is virtually unobtainable nowadays. The vast majority of material used is Mild Steel (or in some cases Cast Steel).  Other materials we use include Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Glass and Wood.  All glass except mirrors is toughened with polished or bevelled edges and has a British standards kite mark.  All wood is either reclaimed or from sustainable sources. Fabrics and foams are all fire retardant to the relative British standards.

Names and their meanings

  • MORPHEUS - God of Dreams.
  • AYESHA - An immortal Priestess of supreme beauty.
  • MINERVA - Goddess of all Arts, Crafts and Manufacturers.
  • MORDRED - son and nephew of King Arthur.
  • MORGANA - Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's half sister.
  • UTHER - Uther Pendragon, overlord of Britain and father to Arthur.
  • YGRAINE - Wife of the Duke of Cornwall (Uther).
  • YGERNA - alternative name for Ygraine.
  • MAB - Queen of Darkness, forged the birth of Merlin.
  • URIEN - King Urien of Gore, husband to Morgan Le Fay.
  • NIMIANE - The Lady of the Lake.
  • MORGAN - Morgause and or Morgan Le Fay, mother of Mordred.
  • GUINEVERE - Daughter of Leodegrance Duke of Cameliard and wife to Arthur.

Bed and mattress sizes
Various "standard" bed sizes have emerged over the years, the problem is they are not really "standard." Even bed frames and mattresses with the same name can have different measurements, even more so with US bed sizes.

The rule is don't rely on the name alone and always cross check the bed and mattress dimensions.

The following lists give a guideline to "standard" bed sizes for both the UK and the USA. The imperial to metric measurements are equivalents and not exact conversions.

United Kingdom sizes:  USA Bed sizes:
Small Single
Small Double
Queen (a.k.a King)
King (a.k.a Super King)

Euro Double, Ikea size
Euro King, Ikea size
2'6" x 6'3" or 76 cm x 190 cm
3' x 6'3" or 90 cm x 190 cm
4' x 6'3" or 120 cm x 190 cm
4'6" x 6'3" or 135 cm x 190 cm
5' x 6'6" or 150 cm x 200 cm
6' x 6'6" or 180 cm x 200 cm

140 cm x 200 cm
160 cm x 200 cm
Twin Extra Long
Full Extra Long
California Queen
California King
39" x 75"
39" x 80"
54" x 75"
54" x 80"
60" x 80"
76" x 80"
60" x 84"
72" x 84"

There are many more different sizes and variations both throughout Europe and worldwide. Please contact us if your size is not listed. We can make any design to any size.



satin_black_01_240 satin_black_textured_satin_motif_02_240 hammered_effect_gloss_03_240 spider_04_240 gunmetal1_05_240
 Satin Black  Satin Black frame  Textured motif Hammered Effect
Gloss Black 
Gloss Black 
gunmetal_alternative_06_240 antique_gold_07_240 antique_gold_curtain_pole_08_240 bronze_effect_09_240 bronze_reverence_10_240
 Alternative Gunmetal
 Antique Gold Antique Gold  Bronze Effect Bronze Effect
(Reverence Bed) 
aged_iron_11_248 lightly_aged_iron_chandelier_12_240 colour_chart_13_240    
 Aged Iron Lightly Aged Iron
(Lament Chandelier) 
Custom Finish
(Any BS RAL Colour) 

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.  To ensure your privacy we promise to never sell, trade, rent or otherwise disclose your name, email, telephone number, address or any other information about yourself.  This website gathers information about all of its users collectively, such as which areas are visited most frequently and which products are viewed.  These statistics are for our own use only and are not capable in themselves of identifying individual users.


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